Tree Planting News – Summer 20/21 – How much have they grown?

On a sunny weekend in November 2018, the Albury ski club, in conjunction with Falls Creek Management and a land care professional Liz MacPhee, undertook the revegetation of the land surrounding the ski club. The steeper section of the road reserve, between the grassed area below the club house and Falls Creek Road, were selected.

This area was chosen for a variety of reasons such as lack of vegetation (other than introduced grasses), the steepness of the site, the necessity for bank stabilization and to reintroduce suitable alpine vegetation. Falls Creek Management in partnership with the Albury ski club is charged with maintaining the new plants to help with their survival and healthy growth.

The plants were provided by the Falls Creek Management and Liz MacPhee gave a very informative lecture on the alpine plant environment. She also provided technical advice and gave an overview of the short and long term plans for the village beautification program and how we can contribute to its revegetation.

The following weekend some of our members again ventured up to the club to check on the new plants, re-water and lay out mulch to assist in water retention. So if you are up at the club during the warmer months, and our new plants look thirsty, please lend a hand and give them a drink.